Equine Tips

There are a few things that you can do in advance to help with the shoot on the day.

1 Please make sure you horse is looking its best - bathed ,clipped and immaculately groomed.
2 Think about the bridle/headgear you wish to use . A beautiful clean show bridle will look way better than the stable headcollar .
3 Depending on the type of horse you have , it may be nice to plait your horse too.
4 A fed horse is always happier and calmer.
5 Take a second to look around the yard to decide where might make a good background. You may need to move a wheelbarrow or parked car. A solid dark coloured area is most suitable.

I tend to use a softbox as the main light, which to a horse is a 40cm square box, which can be quite unfamiliar so I tend to let them have a sniff and nuzzle before I place the flash inside. I will then fire it a few times to get them used to it before placing one inside the other and then raising them on a stand to eye level. An assistant may come with me and they would hand hold a couple of small flash guns to highlight areas. It takes just a few minutes to set up the lighting .

We all know that horses are living , breathing, free thinking animals and as such I cannot guarantee the amount of pictures I can take in your session , but I will aim to take as many shots as I can.